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  • From mobile
  • Sep 05
  • #913301

Machine short changed me and some of my money came out the bottom of the machine. By the time customer service came the machine had finished counting

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We went to one in a Walmart. It ripped us off so badly it's not even funny. People don't even know they're not getting all the money they should. We had several coin dollars and half dollars, it counted one dollar coin. It took so much money we will never used the rip off machine again. One of the workers had said she had watched a story about coinstar and how it rips you off so she counted out 2.00 in pennies put them and got counted as 128... Read more

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Seems that everywhere people go to do business are being ripped off. Everything these business do is usually recorded in one way or another. They don't count on YOU the consumer to "record" anything, as most people only record entertaining stuff. Every business transaction whether over the phone or in person SHOULD always be recorded, "Do what they do, "say this call is being recorded for quality assurance, just like they say. Or in person... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 13
  • #899870

Did not accurately count coins I put in. Out of ~30$ I was shortchanged ~10$. Just go through the trouble of using your change.

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I had a walmart giftcard with about $40 remaining that I intended to cash in at a kiosk at a local grocery store, because I needed some extra cash for gas to hold me over for a few days until I got paid. After putting the gift card into the machine, I received a notice saying I would receive $28 and some odd cents. When it had asked for my driver's license, it scanned it and told me something to the effect of " we cannot receive any... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 22
  • #886748

Twice I put my coins in, pre counted and lost more than $20. Not we're done in Frys market place in Chandler AZ. Never ever again I use this machines. I complained to the cashier but money were all in and no evidence to show Exceot the receipts from the machine.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 21
  • #886435

I personally counted my change before I took it to the coinstar machine at wal mart there was 19.00 the machine sead it was only 14.00 I checked the return slot it was empty so buy time it took its cut of the 14 it was pointless to even take my change there I have used it alote but after this I will never use it agine its a ripoff

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Decided to empty my coin jar (it's one of those that gives you a total as you fill it by the way). The contents was approximately £145 (allowing for error) & consisted off £90 in £1 coins, I know because I counted them. Decided to be lazy & pay the commission. So out of 90 £1 coins it counted 71!! & total value of £113 for all the coins before deductions! I needed to return home first just to double check that I had put all the £1... Read more

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Today i visited a local Coinstar kiosk to sell a gift card I had for extra needed cash. I had never used this kiosk before nor had I heard of it until recently. I pulled up Coinstar's website and learned a bit about how the process works. Coinstar does post a listing of gift cards that they will purchase (the list also has fine print that states the list is updated every 15 mins) however they do not provide any information on how much the fee... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 28
  • #856150

Won a bet and got 200 dollars in nickels and penny's and only got 137.57 before the 10% that is removed so the machine stole 70 bucks from me

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