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I recently learned Bass Pro gift cards are not being accepted from Coinstar at this time, despite saying they do accept them on website. They cannot tell me when or if they will be purchased. I was instructed, by a very polite and patient rep, to call back every few days until they have information about this. Please put something on website so other people aren't misinformed as we were regarding the gift card exchange kiosk and the list of... Read more

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I bought a Kmart/Sears card, which had been previously accepted, now says fraud alert. I called and my account is in good standing, the woman from Coinstar mentioned perhaps the card was not activated, but I checked and the card IS already activated. I'm tired of going in to store and getting fraud alerts when everything is legal. I need cash now for a reason or I wouldn't be taking such a cut on the amount. IF my account is in good standing,... Read more

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my first two cards were taken, the third a few days later, said fraud alert. that made no sense considering the card rejected was the same as the one of previously accepted. I tried a few days later like they suggested and again fraud alert. Why have this service if legal people are rejected? I could see if cards were stolen but that's not the case. Are you only allowed 2 cards or what? I'm pissed and ill now use another retailer to exchange.... Read more

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I bought an Applebees gift card at a Coinstar machine and was told by a manager at Applebees that they neither recognized the gift card, nor was it redeemable. Of course Coinstar says they are not responsible, even though they took my money, and of course Applebees does not even recognize the gift card, so they're no help. I know there was a prior CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Coinstar for using paper that would darken or the ink would lighten... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 18
  • #957678

Machine took a fee or completely ripped me off when I requested an Amazon gift card, will not be using these machines again

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 17
  • #956629

Was "shorted" $10+ on the machine at New Port Richey Walmart. This is NOT inclusive of the Fee, which is fine. According to Walmart Customer service, I have no recourse. Help?!?!?

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Was at coinstar at morrisons in airdrie put my money in that I had counted about £90 then a lot that I hadn't counted and got £49.99 got in touch with them and have to Waite over a week till they empty it then about another week till the count it to see if the money in it is over this is theft don't use them would never use again not holding much hope of getting my money back never these machines shouldn't be allowed in the stores or the store... Read more

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Do Not use this machine. Big Rip Off. I save coins yearly in the same container and usually have the kids count and split the money. Its always over $300. This year we used the coinstar machine. After deducting $17 is say I had $144. I've been robbed by coinstar. Don't let them rob you!!! It takes awhile but count your own coins. Read more

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I went to Kroger to use the coinstar machine and everything was going perfect! The machine finally finished counting my change and the screen said it was gathering information to print out my receipt, I chose the gift receipt for a purpose and I didn't want cash, so this *** machine says sorry for the inconvenience but we have to give you cash instead. So I went to my bank to buy a gift card and get charged $5 to get the card then now I have to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 05
  • #913301

Machine short changed me and some of my money came out the bottom of the machine. By the time customer service came the machine had finished counting

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