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I Saved My Loose Pocket Change For Over 3- Years & Then I Let My Girlfriend Use A COINSTAR Coin Counting Machine For The 1st TIME At My Local HARRIS TEETER Grocery Store But I Was UNAWARE At The TIME At The OUTRAGEOUS & RIDICULOUS HIGH FEE Of 11.9% That This COINSTAR Machine CHARGED For Just SIMPLY EXCHANGING My MONEY CHANGE Into Just PAPER MONEY...!!!...That Is Like $12 For EVERY $100.00...!!!...That's Probably MORE Than A NEW YORK LOAN SHARK Would CHARGE...!!!...It Was The 1st TIME I Ever Used This COINSTAR Coin Counting MACHINE & YOU Can Be ASSURED That It WILL BE My LAST TIME That I EVER USE IT...!!!...Stay AWAY From This COINSTAR Coin Counting MACHINE In Stores Because If Is A "TOTAL RIPOFF"...!!!... If I Owned A BUSINESS I "WOULD NOT" Have These COINSTAR Machines In My BUSINESS For My Customers To USE & Get "RIPPED OFF" By This COINSTAR Coin Counting MACHINE...!!!....Thank You...!!!...Joe M.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coinstar Coin Vending Machine.

Coinstar Cons: Having to pay a ridiculous fee of 1, Ridiculous fee of almost 12 percent just to count coins.

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