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I went to 5 different kiosks and None of the worked!!! I wasted at least two hours of my time on three seperate occasions trying to use the gift card machines and Never had any success.

All except one machine in the stores within 15 miles of my house were continuously out of order, and the one that was on would not work. I tried for about an hour to get the machine to worn--I used an account, I got a friend to use their account, I tried to call customer support, I tried to wait and "try again later". Nothing ever work and I eventually had to give ho and just leave because it was obvious that none of the machines work.

I am extremely reluctant to ever try to go back to one of these kiosks because it seems pretty clean that this service just does not work. Every store and customer I spoke to said that they didn't work, hadn't worked as long as they had had them in the store, and couldn't do anything except wait for a service person from the company to come maybe once a month to try to fix the machine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coinstar Gift Card Vending Machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Coinstar no longer owns these machines. They were sold to another company and that company shut them down while they rewrote the software to reflect the changes.


Wow the same thing happened to me as I tried three different machines and none of them worked and then I was told by an employee that none of them ever work! Why in the world would a company set up these machines everywhere if they never work?!


Same here but I only tried 2 and gave up.

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