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I WAS SLOWLY PUTTING IN COINS TO STAY BELOW THE $500 gift card maximum after i got near the $400 mark i slowed down putting coins in. when i got near $450 the machine automatically sounded as if it dumped coins internally as if i had placed more coins in and it suddenly counted at a faster rate without adding excessive coins.

It seemed as if it had withheld counting coins until i got near the $450 range. When it sped up from the internal dump it suddenly jumped up near and past the $500 mark to make it over the maximum to approximately $510 then it automatically kicked out the voucher with the fee deducted of approximately $60. It seemed as if the machine is programmed to withhold a certain amount of coins to exceed the $500 mark if it reads it getting closer to this point to exceed it and charge the fee. I had it happen to me the first time thinking i just put too many coins in too fast.

The second time i was more cautious and thats why i noticed what the machine did.

Do not try to get close to the $500 mark in the gift card because it seems as if its programmed to dump extra coins just enough to pass the $500 mark when it detects you have dumped enough money near the $450 mark. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Coinstar Gift Card Vending Machine.


Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Coinstar Cons: Feeling ripped off.

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As you feed the coins into the machine, if the hopper gets too full a gate will close so as to not over fill the hopper. A message will come up that says, "my you have a lot of coins, please wait for us to catch up.

As the level lowers in the hopper to where it can hold more coins the gate will open up and allow more coins into the hopper, thats the rush of coins you hear.

To prevent that from happening, feed your coins slower into the machine as to not over fill it to where the gate closes. The machine will process 600 coins per min while processing.

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