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Hi I am a smart autistic teenager, I was on the A honor roll, and I loved to count coins. one time about 4 years ago I was 11, I brought my coins into the Wal-Mart coin star machine.

I counted my change, and I had $10.38 or something then I had a ticket that said only $9.07. that bothered me because I was only a kid and my money got taken away. I thought I was in trouble. I wonder why you didn't have a sign that said all users this machine has a what ever percent service charge/fee.

Why do you just take some of peoples money without letting them know? I know it's not steeling, but I think you guys should of had a sign that says everyone that uses this machine, will have a service charge/fee. I don't know if your frimilar with autism, but that is how I think. why do you let under 18's use it?

to do that to an 11 year old autistic boy. if you have anything to say about this email please go to Gmail my email is

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