I have been using Coinstar's movie streaming service, Redbox Instant by Verizon. I went to look into the process by which I could cancel my Instant streaming service free trial (and then consider signing up with an alternate payment method when my time was up).

When I clicked the link, I was prompted with a pop-up window that said I would retain my service until the end of the 30 day term, even if I cancelled early. So I proceeded to cancel, and my credits were taken away and my streaming service stopped. Because the prompt misled me to expect continued streaming service and it was taken away, I have simply asked for restoration of my service, however best that can be accomplished. I have been waiting, and I still have no resolution for this simple problem.

While working toward a resolution, my wife chatted online with customer support and asked them for help as well. The rep told her to just log into my account and subscribe with whatever card I had on file and that would resolve the problem. The rep did not make it clear that my wife would not be re-instating a free trial, but would be authorizing a paid subscription on a credit card that didn't belong to her (Screenshot Photo attached). My wife did not proceed with the rep's suggestion and left the chat feeling deceived, and rightly so.

Phone support was rude and unhelpful, acting only frustrated and aggravated by my simple complaint. The support reps keep telling me to wait X amount of hours (24, 72, etc) and every time that period expires, they just flat out ignore me, or tell me to wait some more.

Still have no resolution. Netflix has nothing to worry about.

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