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Prior to going to the machine. I counted out $120 then added the 11.9% fee.

That brought my total to $135. I put the money in the machine it said my total was $76 and change. I went into my wallet and put more change in to make a even number. I was so mad that I wasn’t looking at what coins I was putting and I put dollar coins in the machine.

The total I received was $81.43. The leagally robbed me for $44. I think the government should make the owners inspect there machines every few days. Coin star is a joke.

I will be calling them and the mayors office. This was the 1st and last time I ever use there service agin.

I’m just reading reviews about them and it seems like this is happening to everyone. They need to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coinstar Vending Machine.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Why would you add the 11.9% to the $120.00? You would subtract 11.9% from the $120.00. Making your total $105.72

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