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Well, I hand counted $50.00 in coins and took them to my local Albertson that had a coinstar machine. I was upset that they wanted 11.9% for the fee but my credit union no longer accepts rolled coins. Well not only is 11.9% a rip-off but it short counted the amount by $8.00. Coin star is in my opinion a total rip-off. So here's the math.

$50.00 x 11.9% = $5.95, coinstar counted $36.66 so

$50.00 - $5.95 = 44.05 I should have gotten after the fee.

I received $36.66. $44.05 - 36.66 = $7.39 I was ripped off

12% is already rip-off but then to be short counted is bull *** I looked for a phone number to call Coinstar but there was no such number posted on the machine.

I told the cashier about the difference but he was no help. Their is no way to prove that I was shorted because once you drop in your money it's gone and no way to prove anything. I'm sure some people will lie about being shorted just to get something for nothing but I not one of those *** I think all coinstar machines should be removed or at least make banks take your change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coinstar Coin Vending Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: make sure your coin machines count right every time not just some of the time and have a way to prove the count..

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Banks will take change. They may have varying rules about bulk submissions.

Did you check the reject tray ? I would never give quarters to the machine ; they are useful at face value so no -11.9% (or more ?) Cents, nickels, dimes; borderline, worth a few bucks for convenience - no rolls to count and fill or bank stop and you can spend the ticket at the store where I know there is such a machine. I keep cents dated 1981 and before because of the price of the copper in their bronze alloy.

If the machine is truly paying off incorrectly, that is another matter ; but good luck getting too far for $7.39 ... last I remember they charged 8%.

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